Working with Fadi was a complete pleasure. He guided us through the purchase of our new home. Being a competitive market, and a sought-out location we were able to win. Fadi had the answers, and the resources from Mortgage Specialist, Inspectors to Notary recommendations. He was there in every step of the transaction, and worked closely with the sellers to make a smooth process. Would definitely recommend Fadi to friends and family. Thank you Fadi 

Fadi and Krystel

I met Fadi and Krystel in July of 2011 when I decided to sell my condo in Chomedey. As soon as they came to meet me, I knew they were excellent just the type of real estate agent I was looking for. I have purchased and sold many homes. I never had such an excellent service. They are always there for me and they take care of all my questions and concerned. Selling and Buying is not always easy but believe me with Fadi and Krystel I actually had a good time, can you believe this!! I recommend Fadi and Krystel to anyone buy or sell a home.


Fadi and Krystel

We thank our lucky stars by chosing Fadi and Krystel as our brokers for the sale of our home. They have truly been our friend throughout, taking the sale of our house to heart. They've given us hope and reassurance throughout the whole process; always there for us: a phone call, email or text message away. In adversity, they've seen setbacks as opportunities to find the right buyer (which, by the way, we have). In addition, everyone Fadi and Krystel have referred us to: Eddy (our mortgage broker), Tom (HVAC repairman) and Eric (home photographer) have been top quality people. Thank you Fadi!


Fadi Kaouk

Our experience tells us that Fadi is the best real estate broker in the Great Montreal area. Being a businessman, he is sophisticated and professional. At the same time, he stays very close with his client as a loyal and credible friend. We had very frustrating experience when tried to sell our house by ourselves on duProprio and then by some other brokers from another firm. Finally we chose Fadi, which turned to be an absolutely wise decision. Although it took four months to get the deal done, the cooperation with Fadi is always pleasant and free of worry.


Fadi and Krystel

Please allow me to comment in English. After all, I am from Ontario. It was a pleasure to work with Fadi and Krystel. Your team is a very dynamic group and you are true to your word. You were able to sell my property at a very good price, and further more you helped me obtain a very satisfactory house at a very well negotiated price and conditions by Fadi and Krystel. I wish to thank you very very much for all your efforts and wish also to thank the rest of your team for their attentive care especially Louise for her prompt and courtesy service. Your devoted and thankful client André.


Fadi et Krystel

My condo was listed two times with different agents and did not get sold. When I met the team they told me the truth. I liked their approach and their professionalism. They do the follow-ups right after the visits and negociated tight the two offers that I received the same week that my condo was listed. I could not believe, when I got the phone call that my condo was sold in two weeks. Fadi and Krystel' team helped my from the begining to the end. I could not believe, when I got the phone call that my condo was sold in two weeks.Thank you so much for all that you have done! Great team!


Krystel Lamant

My beautiful house had been on the market since 1 1/2 year! Then along came Krystel Lamant! She wouldn't give up trying to win us over to her company, telling us again and again "I can sell your house!" So, a few months later it was indeed sold. She and all her team have been so supportive to us and totally professional. What more can we say; I can truly recommend them; Thank you Fadi, Krystel, and all your wonderful team.


Fadi and Krystel

Both agents and assistant are conscientious, knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to work with. They advocated and supported us during the whole process of marketing, house showings and final closing. Fadi and Krystel worked with us as a team and dealt efficiently answered our and others questions. The photographer took the time to set up shots and make our house shine and Fadi's advertising strategy produced so many visits (more than 20 in 2 weeks). I will recommend Fadi & Krystel Team to any of my family or friends who need a realtor.

Mr. Elias

Fadi and Krystel

Fadi & Krystel Team was recommended to me by my friend Claude. I met them at the end of September in Pierrefonds because I had decided to sell my house after 44 years. I found them to be a very down to earth person. They are very easy to talk to, made me feel at ease and very friendly. They always answered my questions and my calls in a very short time. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to sell or buy. They are great people... They are also going to help me find a condo to rent. Which I really appreciate, I now consider them as friends. Thanks Fadi & Krystel Team for everything!